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Empower2Recover Foundations Speaker Bio's Krystal Harrington

Krystal Harrington of Calgary Alberta, originally from Innisfil Ontario, is a Single Mom, kicking ass in her recovery journey. Krystal is a self healer, which means she has done a lot of inner work to heal old traumas and wounds. Krystal had struggled with addiction through her teen years and into her 30’s, never really knowing where she was meant to be on this journey of life, until a separation with her children’s father that brought her into her depths of despair and ultimately a relapse. Krystal vowed to be the change she wanted to be for herself and her children.

She is not anonymous. As a recovery advocate, she is open about her previous struggles with substance use, alcohol and mental health. Sharing her story so that others know they are not alone in this! February 14th of 2021 Krystal woke up for the last time with a hangover and took her stance of loving herself and has not looked back, she has been sober ever since.

Krystal started a Facebook support group called "Moms Unite" for mothers who are in recovery or looking to be in recovery. Krystal started this group because she knows all too well the struggles of parenting and addiction. Krystal felt quite alone in her sobriety journey in the beginning and found that there were not many resources to support a Mom actively seeking sobriety. The group is now open to all Moms, as a safe place to vent or seek support. 

In 2019 Krystal went back to school to obtain a diploma in Social Service Work and graduated with honours in 2021. In November of 2022, Krystal’s Children's Father passed away from an overdose, which shook her world. Vance's passing is yet a reminder of how quick it could be to have it all gone. After Vance's passing Krystal decided to go back to school to further her passion in Wellness Counselling, and has since become a Certified Life Skills Coach and soon to be a Wellness Counsellor.

Krystal is owner of Rise Above Holistic Care, a Holistic Healing practice which incorporates mind, body, spirit healing, as well as Reiki energy healing. Krystal is a certified Reiki Master .Once the Wellness Course is complete, she will incorporate Wellness Counselling to her roster. Krystal believes that no one should have to do recovery (from any adversity) alone. 

Addiction is struggling in isolation, where recovery equals community. We can recover together! One Day At A Time (ODAAT). 

You can find Krystal at the links below. Thank you for your amazing courage and story.

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Executive Director

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