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Empower2Recover Foundations Speaker Bio's Nate Kelly

Updated: Feb 12

Nate Kelly is a recovering alcoholic and sober entrepreneur 8 years from his last drink. He is also the Creator & Host of The Sobriety Diaries Podcast where his goal is to share powerful stories of recovery told by those who lived them. Nate's own story is one that is hard to believe unless you understand the alcoholic mindset. An alcohol-related stroke at age 32, and yet the drinking continued. Born and bred in Ohio, Nate Kelly took his passion for storytelling and conversation and turned it into a top 3% global podcast - all within 90 days of its launch; he left the corporate world to dedicate himself fully to helping others find their voice and share their story. 

Nate released his first book “The Podcast Revolution'' that teaches podcasters how to position themselves as an authority, generate leads, and leverage partnership opportunities through podcasting, and it quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. The paperback is also available in all online catalogs.Nate recently launched a Podcast Production and Coaching Company [Podcast Revolution Studios] to help others realize their podcast dreams and offers a full suite of podcast production and management services. Today, Nate lends his voice to both the Recovery Community and the Queer Community and is dedicated to using his platform to help others accept their true selves and share it with the world.

To get in touch with Nate Kelly follow the links below

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Jay Barnard

Executive Director

Empower2Recover Foundation

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