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Empower2Recover Foundations Speaker Bio's Wyntar Fontaine

Wyntar Fontaine. Born in Edmonton Alberta, was raised growing up in Kenora Ontario. Single Mother of two boys who she loves dearly. Wyntar has been in recovery for over a year after dealing with the struggles of trauma, loss, and depression and battles with alcohol addiction. Wyntar is a go getter and a very outgoing women , she is always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what comes her way she smiles and attacks the world head on.

Wyntar has done a lot of work in her recovery with healing with selflove, meditation, and helping other women feeling beautiful about themselves with the beauty of self-affirmations and makeup and skincare. She has a Facebook group called mocktails and make up for women who love make up and learning how to apply have fun with makeup while making non alcoholic  drink recipes for those who want alcohol free healthy tonics.

Wyntar has struggled with addictions through her early 20's and on. She was in a routine life style of drinking on her down time plus working as a young mother supporting her kids getting through life day by day. She battled with mental health and alcohol addiction for a long time. In 2022 Wyntar had a lot of loss happen to her back to back in a short period of time one being her spouse after 15-year relationship, her drinking got out of control and life started becoming unmanageable. She then after started seeing not only was her drinking hurting herself but the people around her who loved her and her children, she needed to make a change and seek help and start the journey of rebuilding, healing and recovery.

Wyntar's favorite quote is "Sobriety doesn't exempt us from life, it gives us the ability to show up for it".

Wyntar has chosen the path of healthy recovery and now shows up for her life with a sparkle in her eye and a better way of living for her and her family. It's a continuous journey she plans to carry on and is truly grateful for the support she has through Hype Recovery, E2RF and her other support networks and family and friends. 

If you would like to get in contact with Wyntar or follow her journey of recovery click the link below

Thank you so much for sharing your story on our E2RF Speaker Blog!

Jay Barnard

Executive Director

Empower2Recover Foundation

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